Since the date of J-Li Law Firm established, the president of J-Li Law Firm, Eric Wu, has been providing legal opinions and experience according to the law and demand for time changing in order to help business operators and administrative departments of enterprises understand and handle essential and potential the risk of enterprise management. By establishment of systems and assistance in current laws, enterprises may control the risk of enterprise management therein.

Basing on the above cognition and the accumulated experience of J-Li Law Firm providing enterprises (including the categories of electron, electrical machinery, spinning and weaving, build, chemistry, paper industry, building materials, information, biotechnology, exhibition, advertisement, listed companies, companies traded in the over-the-counter market and so on) legal consultant in the past decade, the service types of J-Li Law Firm have change from bad debts processing to applications for intellectual property rights, protection and litigation, labor dispute, know – how protection, attorney opinion letters of companies applying for listing or over-the-counter market, examination or modification for Chinese or English contracts and so on. Moreover, we believe that it is necessary to keep going catch up the time changing, operate in coordination with modification of laws, elaborate knowledge and experience sufficiently. As the result, we just are able to achieve the goal assisting clients to handle the risk of management efficiently.

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