Opinion Of Transnational Litigation

Driven by new technology and infrastructure of international trade on the Internet, making the company into the era of diversification and globalization of business, the larger manufacturers in Taiwan has generally form a business model of "operational headquarters based in Taiwan, manufacturing production line focus on China, and looking at the U.S. sales market ".

The current operator will be the expansion of commercial globalization as an important indicator of territory. However both in terms of globalizing business entities, domestic or overseas, may always be seen everywhere of the potential of international litigation.

Transnational litigation involves not only the complexity of the law at domestic and abroad, but also in a totally strange country judicial system. The primary contingency measures taken in this situation will always affect the way, the event and subsequent treatment results.

Transnational disputes and product liability litigation is generally common in international trade disputes. Including corporate business model has been changed, and it will lead to patent litigation in Taiwan, the United States, and China simultaneously.

When companies face international litigation or arbitration, the first thing should be discuss with promptly, and the occasion of a dispute has arisen in the transaction immediately consult with counsel in response to countermeasures by the legal system in order to fully and properly to protect their own interests. Therefore when business owners take legal action before it can be derived on the cost of litigation (including the amount of claims, attorneys' fees and litigation costs, etc.).

Further more companies should be evaluated the litigation strategy, case analysis and evidence gathering data and other matters section at first. Otherwise, even foreign attorneys appointed by the litigation, the result not only can not win the case , but also spend huge legal fees. And it would be completely unable to get the real help, and lead to the company's significant and irreparable damages.

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